A Message From Emerald Flame

Dear Circle Members, 

 This subject has long been on my mind and I think it's time. Some of my closest friends and I started The Circle four years ago to make a home for ourselves and to help other furres out. It was an uphill struggle from day one, but we worked things out as best we could and stuck with it for a long time. We shaped much of what Furcadia is today and certainly what chartered Guilds are about. Very few of those original friends of mine still come to Furcadia, but I've made many other dear ones along the way. I love The Circle and Sanctuary and my furre friends there. 

Lately though, it seems that when I manage to come to Sanctuary, I don't even know most the furres there. It also seems that some who want to help or join lately only do so because they think it will get them a Furcadia possition or they no longer have time for The Circle if they do get a possition. Or sometimes they get upset because they help in The Circle and don't get something out of it. This is not what I intended when I started the Circle and it's not how I want things to be. I have to question every motive now and I don't want to be in that possition, because it defeats the purrpose of the Guild, to make friends. It seems I cannot be a part owner of Furcadia and the Volunteer coordinator and still have my Guild running as it used to. 

 I made a promise once that there would always be a Circle and Sanctuary as long as there was a Furcadia. I won't go back on that. However, I'm shutting down most operations of The Circle. There will be no possitions and I won't be ringing any new members. I'm sorry for those of you who are novates now. This has to be done. If someone wants to be associated with the Circle, they can put Friend of The Circle in their description. Sanctuary will be kept up and running. I may make it a permanant map. I don't know if I will keep Sancy up or not. 

 I know the Circle is not just about me, it's about all of you. This shouldn't really change how you do things anyway, though. No more meetings to have to sit through and no more guilt for not doing more. I think you can do without those things. You are all still very welcome in Sanctuary. It's your map too, that's why I can't take it down in good conscience. This is not good-bye either. I am still around and occationally there will still be Circle activities. There will always be a carnival on our birthday. Thank you all for all you have contributed over the years and I'm happy to call you my friends. 

    Love and hugs, 

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